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Pertussis Toxin

Filamentous Hemagglutinin (FHA) from Bordetella pertussis Catalog # Quantity Price 964-400 50 μg $200 964-410 200 μg $600 964-420 1 mg $2700 964-430 > 5 mg Inquire Contents: Pertussis toxin is supplied in a buffered solution containing 0.05M Tris-Cl (pH 7.6), 0.5M NaCl, 50% glycerol at desired concentration between 0.1 to 0.5 mg/ml. Description: Pertusis Toxin is purified from cultured supernatants of Bordetella pertussis (Tahoma Phase I strain). Pertussis toxin (PT) is a complex protein composed of five noncovalently linked subunits named S1 (26 kDa), S2 (23 kDa), S3 (22 kDa), S4 (12 kDa), and S5 (11 kDa). The five subunits are assembled into the holotoxin comprising monomer A (subunit S1) and oligomer B (subunits S2, S3, S4, and S5) in a molar ratio 1:1:1:2:1. Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C. To insure uniformity, it is recommended that the FHA suspension be thawed on ice for 10-15 min and then mixed by swirling or inversion of the tube. It should be noted that FHA is highly susceptible to proteolysis and care should be taken to minimize prolonged storage at >0°C. Concentration: Protein concentration is determined by Bradford assay method using bovine serum albumin as standard. Purity: >99% by SDS-PAGE Reference: Kapasi A, Pikaytis, Pawloski L, et. al. Comparison of different sources of pertussis toxin as coating antigens in IgG Anti-PT ELISAs. Presented at the 9th International Bordetella Symposium, October 2010, Baltimore MD. Quality control documentation of each lot is provided with shipment.