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Competent Cells

Competent Cells

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PX5-α (Compare to DH5-α) PX5-α MCR (Compare to DH5-αTM MCR) PX5-α T1 resistant (Compare to DH5-αTM T1 resistant) PX1-Blue (Compare to XL1-Blue) JM109 HB101 PX10B (Compare to DH10B)

dam-/dcm- Chemically Competent Cells:

GM2163 JM110

Electroporation Competent Cells:

PX5-α (Compare to DH5-α) PX10B (Compare to DH10B) HB101

Chemically Competent Cells for Protein Expression:

BL21 BL21BL21(DE3) BL21(DE)pLysE BL21(DE3)pLysS
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